Monday, June 21, 2010

Chapter 7

okay, I got into a little disagreement over a cookie with our new dog and long story short, my middle finger got gnawed on a little more excitedly than either of us anticipated and then my mother in law tried to poison me by feeding me pasta cooked in 2 things I am violently allergic to - wine and clam sauce neither of which I could taste but both of them had me up all night and half of today doing thing unspeakable but finally I got my finger moving enough to finish this so I hope the wait was worth it! & please excuse me if there are more than the usual number of spelling errors!

Max had a dark haired, long legged beauty sitting on his lap blowing on his dice and Tanger had two curvaceous goddesses, one blonde, one dark haired, one to blow on each of his dice as they sat at the craps table in the casino of the Trump Marina. Sid sat alone between them, sipping on a JD on the rocks, his mind…elsewhere. He knew the guys were enjoying the lights, the glitz, the ladies…obviously, but this was far from his idea of relaxing. He’d hoped that once they were here, once they’d gone to the ‘freak show’ on the Boardwalk, had some thick cut steaks and sat down at the Black Jack table that he would begin to forget but….

“Mon Dieu! Will you look at him?” Tanger hooked his thumb in Sid’s direction and though he knew it was already too late, Sid had the urge to climb under the table and disappear. Instead he watched Max’s head swivel towards him and study him, head tilted to one side, a frown appearing on his face for the first time in hours.

“Oui, il semble que cela est pire que nous le pensions,” Max sighed dramatically, giving Sid that ‘what are we going to do with you’ look that he was probably too familiar with. Sometimes he succeeded in enjoying the pursuits that his teammates called r&r but for the most part….

“You’re going to do it aren’t you?” Kris’s voice held that accusing tone that held in it both hurt and disappointment in it. Sid opened his mouth to say that he wouldn’t, but as soon as he did, he knew that he was going to do it. “Tabernak! Pourquoi ne pas vous venez de le dire avant que nous partions? Eh? Si vous aviez dit que vous étiez simplement en amour avec elle….”

“Hold on, I’m not…I don’t feel like that about her…not like that,” but even as he tried to deny it, Sid tasted the lie on his own tongue. She was all he could think about. He’d thought about her all the way here on the plane and all those girls at the freak show with their tattoos had only reminded him of that demi fey inked on her back and now here in the casino, all these women in their party dresses made him wonder what she’d look like in some little black number with a pair of strappy heels….

“Si c’est l’amour then you must go mon ami,” Max instructed him quietly, sharing with him that look that Sid knew Max would never let most people see. Max didn’t want to be alone for the rest of his life, it was just too hard for him to pick just one woman. “We can’t all be Casanovas mon ami. Some of us are cursed with having to please them all,” he added, reaching up to cradle the girl’s chin as she beamed down at him. “But you, mon très bon ami, you are not such a one. When you love, it will be just one and if she is such a one….”

“Ooh, are you a poet?” the girl on his lap purred, stroking his be-whiskered cheek with her long, black fingernails.

“Oui, ma petite renarde, je suis un amant et un combattent, mais surtout je suis beni des compétences sexuelles au-delà de la compréhension de votre imagination très petites.” Sid shook his head, unable not to laugh as the girl went all goggle eyed and blushed to the tips of her ears. They both knew she had no idea what he’d just said but she’d heard sex in it and one of Max’s hands had slid up her inner thigh as he’d spoken and Sid could guess exactly where it was and what it was doing, which meant that was his cue to leave.

“I’ll talk to you soon,” he promised as he slid off of the barstool and pushed his unused chips towards Max.

“Good luck mon ami,” Max grinned at him. “But if you can’t satisfy her, you know who to call, eh?” he added with a wolfish grin and a wink that made Sid laugh.

“Oui, he’ll call me because obviously I have mad skills, n’est-ce pas mes choux jolie petite?” Tanger shouted after him, giving both of his ladies a swift, hard smack on their asses, nearly lifting them off of their heels and making them shriek and giggle.

Sid left the two Francaphones behind him, still arguing about whose skills were greater, and headed for the front desk where he’d be able to order a town car to the airport and from there, the fastest plane back north.

Tabby lay awake in her single bed, staring up at the ceiling, listening to the sound of the rain on the roof. She’d cleaned, boxed things up, dusted away cobwebs and even finished Pride and Prejudice. Even in her present mood she hadn’t been able to hold back the tears at having Lizzie and Darcy realize their love at last.

Maybe that’s what had her staring up at the ceiling in the middle of the night, she thought as she rolled over and stared at the blank wall instead. Does every woman worry that she might never find her prince charming and whose fault was it if they did? Surely Jane Austen deserved as much blame as Walt Disney for making little girls dream about a strong, silent type on a white horse riding to their rescue….

Was that the wind?

Tabby sat bolt upright in bed, the hoody she’d worn to bed falling over her eyes as she threw the thread bare sheets aside and listened. Nothing, just silence, except for the sound of rain against the window and the roof and the side of the house and….

Shaking her head, she was about to slide back between the sheets when she heard the thumping noise again. It was coming from downstairs, and if it was the wind, picking up and tossing something against the side of the house, it was doing it in an awfully rhythmic way.

Tabby slid her feet into her bear claw slippers and, in her pigs with wings pj’s, padded out into the hallway, tilting her head as she came to the top of the stairs, listening to the sound. Now that she was closer, she was almost sure someone – or maybe something – was knocking on the door.

“Who the fuck is knocking on my door in the middle of the fucking night?” she hissed, gripping the old, wobbly and badly in need of a fresh coat of paint banister and gingerly making her way down the stairs, listening to each and every creak and groan of the boards beneath her feet, wondering which was more likely to kill her, the banister giving way or one of the floorboards? The heavy knock at the door came again and she shot the big, heavy door, now in sight, a dirty look. “I’m fucking coming. Hold your fucking horses.” Not that she was worried about the door. That was probably the biggest, heaviest door on the entire island. It had been made from ship planking and was probably four inches thick. No one was kicking that door down.

Taking the last, cautious step off of the stairs, Tabby walked towards the door, rubbing her eyes which had been wide open all night and were suddenly threatening to close on her.

“Oh so now you’re tired,” she said sarcastically to no one in particular as she reached to unlatch the door, her fingers sliding the chain loose and then reaching for the deadbolt before her mind caught up to what she was doing. “Yeah, that would be good, nobody to hear you scream for miles and you’re just going to open the door to an axe murderer? Smart girl Tabby,” she admonished herself, wishing that her grandfather had had the forethought to install one of those peek holes on the door. “Who is it?” she called instead, pressing her ear to the thick wooden door, knowing how unlikely it was that anything but the strongest voice would be heard over the storm and through the door.

“It’s…it’s Patrick!”

Her body stilled and she closed her eyes as she concentrated on taking deep, steady breaths before she allowed her fingers to move the dead bolt the rest of the way so that she could open the door. Her hand shook as she pulled the big door open, but he was shaking even more as he stood on the step, looking like a drowned man, water dripping from his hair into his eyes, from his long, dark eyelashes onto his pale cheeks and from everywhere off his dark grey and silver pinstriped suit. All of those questions that she should have asked, like ‘what are you doing here?’ and ‘don’t you know what time it is?’ never quite made it from the tip of her tongue as he closed the distance between them, and Tabby found herself pulled against his chilled, soaking wet body, her lips covered by his own, soft, cool wet ones.

Normally a girl in a grey hoodie, pajama bottoms with…(were those really flying pigs?) on them and giant, oversized bear claw slippers would have been at the very least amusing, but having had no other thought than seeing her naked as soon as possible in his head for hours now, Sidney thought that she looked like chocolate cheesecake with peanut buttercups, whip cream and chocolate shavings. She was like a tall, cold glass of water to a man dying of thirst. She was beautiful and sexy and warm and dry and….

And he stepped up from the stoop and into her home and pulled her to him and took her lips with his own and fed from her like she was breathing, as if he could do nothing else, as if kissing her was as necessary as drawing in oxygen. He cradled her face in his hands and he meant to do it gently but he knew that he was failing as she whimpered into his mouth but when he went to withdraw his hands hers grabbed a hold of his and pulled him hard against her body and then he couldn’t think at all.

She was clawing at his jacket and he helped her to shrug it off but was only willing to let go of her one hand at a time. Under normal circumstances he took better care of his suits than wadding it up and throwing it on the floor, but this was in no way a normal circumstance and he could buy another suit tomorrow, so he shrugged it off and left it lying on the floor behind him in a heap. She reached for his shirt next, her fingers fumbling with the wet, slippery buttons as her tongue swept over his, sending a shudder throughout his entire body, and he became impatient, pushing her hands away and dragging it over his head instead, tossing it too onto the floor.

When he turned back to her, intending to go back to kissing her, to tasting her sweet breath and exploring her mouth with his tongue, he froze, unable to do more than watch as she slowly unzipped the soft grey hoodie. The hood itself had already fallen back, revealing her hair plaited in two long braids that disappeared behind her back, but as she revealed her collarbones, the thin white skin of her chest, his heart stopped in his chest as he realized that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

He bent then, cupping her bare breasts, holding their ripe fullness in his hands as he suckled and licked his way around the hard nubs of her nipples. He felt her fingernails digging into this scalp and it should have been painful but the only thing that seemed painful now was dick, throbbing in the restraints of his pants, aching to be free. He ignored that pain and concentrated on making her sigh out loud, feeling her arching her back to press herself closer to his lips, his mouth, his teeth, all of which he used to explore the dark pink tips of her breasts.

He held them close together so he could move his mouth from one to the other without having to pause and he circled her nipples with his tongue before he tugged at those hard little nubs with his teeth until she moaned out loud and dug her fingers insistently into his hair, holding him there, obviously enjoying his ministrations as much as he was enjoying the feel and taste of her.

It wasn’t enough though, not after days of day dreaming and fantasizing about being with her. This was good, but he was impatient to taste all of her, have all of her and so he kissed his way up over her collarbones, pausing to bite the thin skin of her neck to make her squeal before he took her mouth again with his and kissed her hard. Still holding fast to one of her tits, he slid his other hand down, down over the soft swell of her belly and below the waistband of her pajama bottoms. She wasn’t wearing panties and so it was easy to slide his hand between her thighs, finding her cleft smoldering hot and soaking wet as he slid his fingers between her folds.

She groaned out loud then, settling her legs farther apart to give him better access, pressing her hot, smooth pussy lips down against his hand, grinding her body against his hand until he found that spot, that spot that made her pull her lips from his, throw her head back against the wall and let out a long, high pitched wail.

He slid his hand free from her breast then and captured her cheek and chin in his big hand and forced her gaze to meet his as his thumb began to stroke her clit in hard little circles that had her panting and shuddering, so close to an orgasm that she could barely breathe. When his other fingers slid up inside of her, teasing and probing her entrance while his thumb pressed against her clit like it was one of those damned ‘Easy’ buttons, her eyes fluttered shut but he growled and dug his teeth into the soft flesh of her ear.

“I want to see it. I want to see your eyes when I make you cum,” he growled into her ear like a threat but it was nothing of the kind. It was greed and passion and she seemed to like it as her gaze held his he pressed his body against hers’, grinding his throbbing hard dick into her thigh as he urgently stroked her clit until she felt all that pressure in her belly release in a tidal wave of pleasure so strong that it took every ounce of control she had to keep her eyes open and let him hold her gaze while she cried out and shook and then cried out again. “Bedroom…where?”

As if he was beyond making full sentences now, so close to his base instincts, he grunted his question and when she tipped her head towards the stairs she had just descended he grabbed her hand and pulled her behind him. He practically ran up the stairs and it was only out of sheer self preservation that Tabby managed to kick off her ridiculous bear paw slippers as she hit the first landing and jogged after him.

At the top of the stairs he paused but before she could give him direction, he was heading for her grandparents room. Tabby stopped, and pulled against his hand and he turned and gave her a curious look but followed her into the small, dark room with the rumpled bed sheets and the lumpy mattress. He had a look on his face that told her he was going to ask about a bigger bed or a bigger room but she silenced those questions by hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her pajama bottoms and wriggling out of them.

His gaze followed the pj bottoms to the ground and then slowly, very slowly, his gaze made its’ way upwards, but not before taking into the entire view. She felt like blushing, like turning away to hide her nakedness from his eager gaze, but the boyish sort of excitement that met her eyes when his gaze finally reached hers’ made her smile and gave her back her confidence.

Lying back on the bed, Tabby crooked her finger at him and then watched as he kicked off his shoes, struggled with his belt and finally, with some comical hopping from one foot to the other, struggled out of his soaked pants and even more sodden socks before leaping and joining her in the cramped, single bed.

There was barely enough room for the both of them, but her body seemed to fit neatly into his as he helped her pull the quilt up over them, capturing their body heat beneath it as she molded herself to his cool, damp skin. The maternal, or perhaps survival, instinct kicked in and she started to rub his arms to try and take away the chill and he let her, for a moment, before he pulled her beneath him and his hand slid from her cheek into her hair before his lips took hers’ again, more softly this time.

He kissed her then, nibbling at her bottom lip before taking her lip between his soft ones, over and over until she became impatient and snaked her tongue out over his lips, urging him to part them and when he did, their tongues dueled in the cool night air before his mouth once again covered hers’ and this time he moaned as her tongue wrapped itself around his. His other hand stroked the outside of her thigh as they kissed and Tabby fought the urge to wrap her legs around his and pull him entirely inside of her. Patience, she told herself as kissed his way down her neck, down over her collarbones and down, down to where he worshipped her breasts once more. He sucked and licked and bit until she whimpered and dug her fingers into his hair, trying in vain to pull him up and off of her so that she could make it clear that, while this was all well and good, she’d caught a glimpse of what she wanted and felt it was her turn to make him moan.

Sidney was not to be denied his goal, however, and his lips continued their journey south, until he had nibbled and kissed his way down between her thighs at which point she had decided to put up something of a fight. She wriggled and writhed and tried to keep her milky white thighs together but with teasing bites and a little persuasion he managed to find his way to the heated core of her femininity.

She lay very still as he gently peeled her nether lips apart, but when he swept his tongue from her entrance all the way up to that so very sensitive nub at the northernmost tip of her pussy, she writhed and sighed and from that he took encouragement. He dug his tongue as far into her entrance as he could, tasting her salty goodness on his tongue as he made it do those waves that had her once again digging her fingers into his hair and pressing him closer.

Licking his way upwards again, he sucked on that hard little button that made her cry out and raise her hips off of the bed. He pressed her thighs up and outward and flicked the tip of his tongue across her clit once, twice, three more times and listened to her whimper and felt her thighs quiver beneath the palms of his hands. Drawing back, he held her pink folds apart and admired the view, blowing his breath across her clit just to make her shudder.

Pushing first one finger in and then two, he searched with his fingertips for that spot, that spongy sensitive spot that, with a come-hither gesture, would make her rocket over the edge. He positioned his mouth around her clit and sucked, hard, pressing the flat of his tongue against that hard little nub as he worked his fingers in and out of her pussy. She pressed against his mouth, his fingers and whimpered and struggled beneath the sheet but when her hips suddenly shot off of the mattress and she let go a cry like she’d been shot, he knew. He felt her juices pour over his hand, felt her entire body shudder with the strength of the orgasm and he allowed himself a moment to smile proudly over her while he pulled her warm body against his.

She lay there for a while, boneless in his arms, her eyes shut, taking long, deep breaths as her body stopped shaking and then her dark eyes fluttered open and she looked up at him with a Mona Lisa smile.

“Hi,” she said quietly and they both smiled and laughed, just a little nervously.

“Hi,” he replied, stroking the back of his hand down her cheek before gently capturing her lips with his.

He kissed her gently, reaching back to run his fingers through her hair only to have his fingers stick in her braids. “May I?” he asked, tugging gently at the elastic holding the end of the braid together. She nodded and sat up, holding the sheet tight around her chest and sat there silently as he undid first one braid and then the other, running his fingers through her long dark tresses to free her silky mane which then fell in rippling waves down past her shoulders. He thought it looked like the water on the lake at night with just a light breeze blowing over its’ surface. He held it to his nose and inhaled the rich, fruity scent of it and then brushed it aside to press his lips to her neck where her skin smelled vaguely of white birthday cake with thick frosting and sprinkles.

He kissed his way along the sharp line of her jaw until her found her mouth again. Her lips parted beneath his as he gently eased her back down onto the bed and pulled the quilt back over their heads even though he’d long forgotten about being drenched or cold. It was only his hair that was still wet and that would dry, in time. At this moment in time he didn’t care much about living past this moment, this feeling of her body warm and tractable beneath his, her arms around his back as he eased his way between her thighs.

He took her soft sighs into his mouth as consent as his cock edged its way into her soft folds, as her hips rose to meet his and she held on even tighter, digging her nails into his shoulders. He caught his breath, his lips parting from hers’ from one, brief, blinding moment as his dick slid into her warm, wet entrance and he felt her squeeze tightly around him. He made a sound, deep in his throat, somewhere between a gasp and a cry as he held himself there, half afraid he wouldn’t last another moment, the sensation of being one with her too amazing, too good to be true.

But she wouldn’t let him savor the moment. With a single move of her hips she had him balls deep inside of her and her own strangled cry made him look down at her in wonder. Her eyes were shut tight and her full lips were parted now in the silent ending to that cry as her body stretched to accommodate his. She fit him perfectly, as if her body was made as a home for his, his being a key to her lock and suddenly Sidney was blinking back tears.

This was different than all of those nights before with girls whose faces he didn’t remember, nameless numbers of women who had come and gone from his bed and never made more than a passing impression. This felt real and it was more than her sweet pussy that had a strangle hold on him. He could feel something squeezing at his chest, threatening to stop him from ever breathing again and it almost hurt.

Fuck. He could hear Max laughing at him now and saying things like ‘you’re such a girl’ and ‘it’s not love mon ami, it’s just getting your dick wet’. But Sid knew differently. He knew now what Flower meant when he’d said that one day he would just know. He knew now, as their bodies finally began to move in that universal way of give and take, that ebb and flow of the universe. He was certain as her lips reached for his and their bodies were like a connected circuit, almost like they could glow like a bulb in a socket with the energy flooding over and through them. He knew…he just knew.


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