Sunday, August 22, 2010

Chapter 24

Back from holidays, I thought I'd better stay up til the witching hour to give you a little somethin' somethin' to chew on til I can work on more. Thanks for your patience as always.

It turned out Mel and Trina weren’t far off when they said that the Wags stuck together. Veronique and Michelle Cooke met Tabby at the airport with hugs and big smiles. They made sure her things went directly to the house, while in the mean time, they took her out for lunch to a little Italian place that the boys apparently frequented.

“This will be the first and last time you get to order for yourself,” Michelle warned her and Tabby felt herself staring at the petite blonde beauty and her piercing blue eyes, waiting for an explanation.

“They have a ‘family dinner’,” Veronique explained, “which is a big bowl of spaghetti and a bowl of meat sauce and a lot of bread. This is what they order all the time,” she added with a grin.

“And they eat all that?” Tabby asked, pitching her voice low as the waiter passed by, giving them that glance that told her that lunch was not all day and he’d like them to get to ordering.

“Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed how much they eat?” Michelle asked, raising her eyebrows and Tabby had to concede that she did know exactly how much they could eat. Tabby settled on a Conchiglie Frutti di Mare while the other two women ordered conchiglie mona lisa and penne Capri. The waiter took their orders and then brought out a chilled bottle of champagne.

“Oh I can’t…,” Tabby began but Michelle was already pouring it into her glass.

“One glass can’t hurt and believe me, this is a celebration,” Michelle grinned at her.

“Oui!” Veronique agreed wholeheartedly as she held up her glass. “When my Marc told me that Sidney was seriously seeing someone during the summer, I was thrilled, but now, avec le bébé sur le chemin….” Veronique lapsed into silence and just looked at Tabby her hand held to her chest. “We could not be more happy for the both of you.”

“What Vero’s trying to say,” Michelle touched her glass to Veronique’s and then to Tabby’s before taking a long sip, “is that the boy is in desperate need of some balance – off ice. So we’re glad he’s finally found someone. We were all beginning to wonder,” Matt’s gorgeous wife added with a wink before downing the rest of her glass and then pouring herself some more.

“Wonder?” Tabby looked from one woman to the other and then back to Michelle for explanation.

“Oh c’mon, single, good looking, neat, tidy, very private…?” Michelle raised a single, perfectly shaped eyebrow and stared back at her. Tabby’s mouth fell open before she began to blush furiously. ‘As if’, she thought. Nothing could be further from the truth. “Oh well, that’s good to know anyway,” Michelle laughed and touched her glass to Veronique’s with a ‘ching’.

“You have to understand, our boys have…oh how can I say this without scaring you?” Veronique began when Tabby had her blood pressure and general temperature under control enough to meet the dark haired beauty’s gaze. “Our men have appétit très sain…ummm…?” she looked to Michelle for help and confirmation and with one quick look around to see if anyone was close enough to overhear, Michelle leaned towards Tabby.

“What Vero is trying to say politely is that our men have huge sexual energy and they need to burn it off on a regular basis. That’s why so many of us end up with half a dozen kids,” she added with a wicked grin. “And, to be honest, they’re not the most faithful men in the world.” Tabby began to say that she couldn’t imagine Sidney’s thoughts straying, let alone his actions but she bit down on her bottom lip and kept silent. Just because when he was with her he made her feel like she was the only woman in the entire world didn’t necessarily mean he couldn’t use those same charms on any other woman, and that thought made her shoulders sag. “Oh don’t look like that,” Michelle’s bright smile made it hard to maintain her own frown but some of the gild had definitely gone off of the lily as Tabby met her sky blue eyes. “Just because he has the occasional roll in the hay with some ignorant little bitch puck bunny doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.”

Tabby nodded but the smile on her face was forced. She loved him, with all of her heart. She’d moved to a strange city for him and even though these two women seemed nice, she really didn’t know anyone here. To top all of it off, she was pregnant, with his child and she didn’t think she was going to be able to compete with the likes of some of the girls she’d seen hanging around the arena, at least not for a while.

She was glad the food came and she was able to chew on something while she moped and tried not to think about the decision she’d made and how it might have been in haste.

Sid tossed his bag aside, onto the tile floor, as he walked in the front door. The house was waiting silently for him, as always, dark, cool and still except that this hadn’t been the welcome he’d been expecting tonight.

Tossing his keys into the dish on the top of the side table at the bottom of the stairs, he made his way up them, his footsteps echoing loudly in the still mostly empty house. He hadn’t done much decorating since he’d moved into the big house in September so a lot of the rooms still stood empty. Like the dining room, which he walked through, with its light fixture hanging over an empty space where a table should be, where he should be holding dinners with his friends and family. Where he would if….

The kitchen was the only room he had renovated, putting in new cherry cabinets and brand new stainless steel appliances. He turned on the light and something else that was obviously new caught his eye as he opened the refrigerator door. His gaze followed the hand painted border around the top of the wall, cheerful looking fruits, vegetables and cheeses in muted colours, looking for all the world as if they had been painted a hundred years ago and were now fading. A smile tugged at his lips as he chugged down half a bottle of water before turning off the light in the kitchen and heading down the hall.

The only light on in the house was in one of the empty bedrooms. Or at least it had been empty and still in primer white when he’d left to go on the road trip. He stood in the doorway now, admiring the sky blue colour on the walls dotted with fluffy looking white clouds, atop which sat any number of recognizable characters like Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Daffy Duck, Bambi, the Cheshire Cat, Peter Pan and Pinocchio. There wasn’t a single Snow White, Tinkerbelle or Ariel in sight. There was, however, Tabby, standing on a step ladder, wearing one of his dress shirts with the arms rolled up to the elbows, and her long, shapely legs bare.

Sidney licked his lips and smiled. He really did like the way she wore his shirts.
He opened his mouth to call out to her, the idea of saying ‘honey I’m home’ appealed to him, but the words died on his tongue as he looked up at what she was painting on the ceiling. It was another of those clouds, with three figures on it: Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and…and his own likeness, in his gold medal winning Canadian uniform with a stick in his hand instead of a cutlass and his gold medal around his neck. It was made of real gold foil, like the kind that comes off of the chocolate medallions in the Pirate Packs at White Spot.

“I want our son to know his dad’s a hero too,” she said aloud, without so much as turning around.

“So you’re sure it’s a boy?” he asked, crossing the distance between them and placing a soft kiss to the smooth skin at the back of her knee. It made her squirm, but he had a firm hold on her and gently took her down from her perch to place her feet firmly on the floor.

“Even if it’s a girl, and I still don’t think it is,” she grinned at him as he turned her around. “I still want her to know that I think her daddy is just as handsome and just as brave as any old pirate, even Johnny Depp.”

“Arrgh.” He growled, hoping he sounded something like a pirate. She laughed as she looked down at him but his funny bone didn’t seem to be working. He pressed his lips over hers’ in a long, hard kiss, then he took the brush out of her hand and her paint palette too, dropping them carelessly on the floor before picking her up off of her feet again. He carried her out of the room with his mouth still clamped firmly over hers, looking for the nearest dry surface to press her up against.

She wasn’t wearing any panties. He’d known it as soon as he’d gone to kiss the tender, smooth spot behind her knee, but with her legs clamped around his waist he became painfully aware that her smooth, warm skin was there, just on the other side of his pants just beneath his yellow dress shirt. That made things worse as his brain went racing ahead, his imagination that had already been painting pictures of what her pussy looked and tasted like during the entire flight, making his dick harder as he thought about her slick pink folds, gleaming with her juices, warm and inviting.

She moaned as he pressed himself against her, his belt buckle doing the work his fingers wanted to be doing as he held her against the wall, his hands cupping her ass, lifting her so that he could reach down and undo his zipper to work himself free. She gasped as he pressed himself into her, lowered her down onto his throbbing erection.

She wasn’t ready, not quite, but she didn’t ask him to stop either. Not that he was sure that he could. He’d been thinking about this moment for the entire flight. He’d even had to slip into the bathroom, jerking off hard and fast as he thought about her full, red lips around his cock, her pink tongue sweeping around the head of his dick, licking off the last drop of cum and smiling up at him as she said ‘welcome home’.

He used his chin and his teeth to pull a button free from the shirt she was wearing, pushing the fabric aside so that he could nuzzle her breasts, his mouth finding her nipples, hard little nibs of sensitive flesh that, when he sucked them into his mouth, made her gasp and dig her fingers into his hair. His tongue swept wetly around those pink little pebbles and his lips closed over them, enjoying the taste of her ivory clean skin and the feel of those little bumps beneath his tongue as they stiffened for him.

She whimpered and her fingernails dug into the back of his neck, but it was the warm slick feeling of her pussy walls pulsating around his cock that was his reward. She was ready now and he slid his cock almost entirely free of her tight little hole before jamming it back home again, thrusting himself balls deep inside of her and ripping a high, faltering cry from her lips.

For a moment, he thought he’d gone too far, that he’d hurt her but her thighs clenched around his waist and her heels dug into the backs of his thighs and he took both of those as signs to continue, to use his hands to pull her up and push her down onto his rod. She buried her head into his shoulder and made those little noises, the ones he’d first heard her make in the summer, and those sounds, idiosyncratic to her, egged him on. Not that he particularly needed encouragement at that point. Just having her in his arms, having her in his house, for real, was enough.

He felt her teeth sinking into his neck and he knew, just by the feel of it, that the bite would leave a mark and the guys were going to give him the gears about it in practice tomorrow but for now, the pain was sweet and heightened his arousal. He slammed into her, heard the breath driven from her lungs in a rush of air, and he felt the swell of her stomach around their child and something in his brain told him to take it down a notch, pull back, but the other part of his brain was beyond listening to reason. The red haze had fallen behind his eyes and he was like a jack hammer, his cock pulling out and forcing itself inside, forcing her pussy walls wider and wider, almost to the point of tearing and he knew, he was almost sure, that he was hurting her and still he couldn’t stop and still she never asked him to.

Instead she whispered things in his ear, worse than just ‘harder’ or ‘fuck me’. His brain couldn’t really make sense of the words but he thought that he should be shocked, that those kinds of things shouldn’t come out of the mouth of the mother of his child. The other part of his brain, however, the animal part that still wanted to punish her for leaving him, for not being at the door to welcome him home in an apron, thought it was fucking great that she wanted his fat fucking cock in her dripping fucking pussy.

“Do you want it harder, bitch?” he hissed, letting the wall and one hand hold her long enough to grab a handful of her hair so he could pull her head back, so he could look into her beautiful dark eyes. They flashed, maybe a warning, maybe he was imagining it, but again, he couldn’t think about it enough to really care. All he knew was that her lips spread over her teeth in a grin that reminded him so much of the Joker from Batman, the one that dead guy played, the last one as he walked away from that hospital in his nurses gown, half crazy, half deadly.

“I don’t think you have it in you,” she growled, one of her hands sliding down from his neck, over his shoulder, down his chest. She looked him straight in the eye and grinned as she gave one of his nipples a hard twist. It hurt, gods but it fucking hurt, but it also took his brain somewhere, brought him close to the place where he could feel his balls tucking up tight, felt every single nerve and fiber in his body burning.

With a growl that was born of both frustration and feral longing, he forced her lips down onto his and kissed her, their teeth mashing, their tongues dueling outside of their mouths as he pressed his body against hers’ until there was no room for even air between them. He jammed his cock into her, over and over until he felt her entire body go rigid around him. Not just her pussy, though it squeezed around his dick and sucked at it, as if it alone could pull him deeper into her. Her mouth pulled back from his and her head hit the wall, her eyes rolling back in her head, her mouth falling open as she screamed.

The neighbors were going to think that he was fucking killer her.

He fought the urge to cover her mouth with his hand. That might have scared her, and besides the way he had her forced against the wall, one hand was pinned behind her shoulder and the other was holding her ass and even if he’d tried to he probably couldn’t have done it in time to stop her. Still it scared him enough to forget, momentarily, that he too was at the edge. He found himself staring at her, at the way her skin seemed pinker than usual, at the fine sheen of sweet on her forehead and at the way her pupils seemed almost too huge to be real.

She was beautiful. Not in the high school cheerleader sort of way. Not even in the Miss USA sort of way. Neither of those kinds of beauties were very real or lasting anyway, he thought as he held himself still while her body shook and shuddered against his. No, Tabby was that girl that scared the cheerleaders and stood up for the freaks and the geeks. She had a dangerous kind of beauty about her. The kind that let you know she could and would kick your ass, but maybe you’d like it. And he did, he decided as she came back to herself and turned those demon dark eyes down to meet his gaze.

“Told you that you didn’t have it,” she purred, her hand sliding up the back of his head, her fingers grabbing a hold of what little hair there was there and yanking, just as he head, forcing his head back so that she could cover his mouth with hers’. She bit his bottom lip hard enough that he could taste the metallic tang of blood on his tongue as he reached for hers’.

With a grunt, he threw himself into her, once, twice, three times and the world went star filter and there was nothing but her lips and her dark eyes and that tightening of his balls as they emptied into her in strong, almost painful pulsations as his dick alternatively squeezed and released as he shot his load deep into her honey pot.

She was crying out again, her nails digging painfully into his scalp as her spine bowed but he couldn’t make the words form to ask her to stop. All he could utter, it seemed, was a long, seemingly never ending list of curse words; each filthier than the last until he could barely speak at all. His strength gone, they slid, together to the floor where he cradled her body against his as they waited for their hearts to beat normally again.

“Welcome home,” she whispered into the crook of his neck. Sidney smiled and felt one of those giggles that the guys bugged him endlessly about, erupt from his mouth and while she stared at him in confusion, he lay there on the floor of his hallway and laughed until tears flowed down his cheeks.


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